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The latest headlines that are interesting us this morning:
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School News!
Creative Fashion Show 2013

The Hawick High School Creative Fashion show is an annual event in which the pupils who take fashion display their work from the past year. The show has been part of the school calendar for nine years. It includes senior pupils and staff taking part in a catwalk. This year’s show includes items styled to the main theme of ‘DIY’ along with other themes. The group was inspired by this year’s Vision 2014 Year of Industry.

All of the people involved have given up a lot of time to help and prepare for the show. Miss Mann is one of the teachers who have been working hard to ensure that everything goes well. Mark Timmins, a fashion journalist, is writing an article on the show for the Southern Reporter. He has been working with the pupils helping them prepare for their big night.

The money that the fashion show raises on the raffle and such will be going to Breast Cancer Research.


Local News Headlines!

Hawick Reivers Festival

The reivers festival is an annual event here Hawick. It celebrates the towns ‘Reiving’ past, days where raiders from both Scottish and English sides would battle for anything they could get their hands on. ‘Raids’ regularly took place, with one side bursting into the opposing sides property and taking anything they could get their hands on. The reivers weren’t by any means polite- in fact they were the complete opposite! If the victim of their reive tried to fight back, they would fight back as good as they got.
The reivers would wear body protection gear, the most common item being a leather ‘jack’, like a waistcoat. They would also wear ‘Steel Bonnets’, sturdy metal helmets to protect their heads.
Overall the Reivers Festival is a great experience for those young and old, ands all of us here at Hawick High hope the weather won’t let the weekend down!
We interviewed Keith Johnstone , a co-organiser for various activities at the festival , and here’s what he had to say!

  1. How long have you been involved in the reivers festival?
5 years

2. Do you have any outstanding memories of previous years?
  • Last year(especially Sunday) –fab weather, hot and sunny, many people in t-shirts and all the kids loved it!
  • Equestrian display<jumping etc
  • Trail someone behind horse
  • Big horses, very well trained
  • Canon fired 2 years ago, Brilliant!

3. What is your favourite part of the reivers festival?
Kids games, fabulous to see so many happy faces!

4. Typical British weather is expected to make an appearance, do you think this will lower the number of visitors?
Probably will, as there is only 6 teams for games this year compared to the full 10 or 12 last year.

Scottish News!
Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond to announce referendum date today

As it is nearly two years after the SNP’s historic victory it comes as no surprise that Alex Salmond chose today to announce the date of the Referendum that will decide the future of Scotland. The Bill today, which is set to the spending limits for the YES and NO campaign and set to allow 16 and 17 year olds to vote in the first ever major poll, is being publicised as a historic day and "a significant and important step in Scotland's independence journey" by Nicola Sturgeon, the deputy first minister, who is charged with leading the Scottish government's referendum campaign.

Speaking as she met apprentices at Steel Engineering in Renfrewshire, which fabricates tidal and wind turbines, she said: "We have an ambitious vision for this country, one that is prosperous and successful, reflecting Scottish values of fairness and opportunity, promoting equality and social cohesion. But I believe this vision can only be realized through the powers that independence will bring."

Talks have been going on between Holyrood and Westminster previous to this announcement which included the agreement for temporary new powers being transferred to the Scottish parliament so that they have the power to hold a referendum. Even still, the polls are still showing only a third of voters are willing to vote independence but Alex Salmond still insists that the real debate is still to begin.
Speculation on the date chosen by Alex Salmond has focused on the leak last year of his apparent preferred date of Saturday 18 October 2014.
European News Stories!
Double Helicopter Crash In Berlin

Two helicopters have crashed mid-air in near Berlins world famous Olympic Stadium. The accident occurred during a police training exercise-During which officers were being trained how to deal with football violence. An eyewitnesses’ statement told the news "Three helicopters were in the air. It was a real snowstorm. Suddenly we heard a bang and someone shouted 'everybody down'. Then there was blood everywhere. Nearby, there was a huge pool of blood”. Although we do not currently know much about the situation, the crash has left several injured, ansd at least two dead.

National News Stories
We went to visit Chay Blyth so as we could find out more about him. Here is some interesting facts and if you want to see the full interview see our finished BBC News School Report at the end of the Day.
  • Full name - Sir Charles Blyth
  • Date of Birth - 14 May 1940. (71 years old)
  • He is planning a new voyage around the world in which he would sail around the world 3 times.
  • He joined the British Army Parachute Regiment before he became a sargent at the age of 21.

  • In 1966 while he was in the army Sir Blyth, together with Captain John Ridgway, rowed across the North Atlantic in a 20 ft open dory called English Rose III. After successfully completing this in 92 days Blyth was awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM). He was the first person to sail single-handed non-stop westwards around the world (1971), on a 59-foot boat called British Steel.

Worldwide Headlines:
The councils are having an feud about Gaelic-

The council have been criticised for launching another drive to promote Gaelic in an area that has "little or no incidence" of the language . independent councillor Bob Myles has raised concerns that Angus council is being made to spend cash on promoting Gaelic Angus was historically populated more by the picts than by the Gaels.